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It's a crab and fake app. I am sorry for the providers.

I keeps taking me out

When I hit the app it works fine but when its about to go to mix it backs me out to my home screen

What The Huh?

This was fine for like 1 month or two but then once I watched of my favorite shows, It kept constantly saying, "What the Huh?" So I pressed try again button then it kept on saying, you guessed it, "What the Huh?" So I restarted my router and still says "What the Huh?" then I restarted my Ipad and it still says, "What the Huh?" So then I just watched something else. So please just fix it and Ill surely give you a good review and watch my favorite shows in your app. ~Jetlur

wHaT tHe hUuH?!

I love Cartoon Network, but the app needs to improve. I got the app months ago and it was working just fine, but recently, Ive been encountered with this what the huh? thing repeatedly. At first, I thought it was a network problem, so I did a lot of things to try and fix this: I restarted my wifi, checked if my wifi was fine and dandy, but I was still met with the what the huh? showing up on my screen instead of the show that I chose to watch. Eventually, I figured it wasnt a network problem, the ads always shows before the what the huh thing pops up. Please fix this.

Dosent work for iPad minis

When I open the app it dose your loading screen the flashs a splatoon ad than crashes lol I leave u with 2 star because it works for people that are not me lol plz fix Plz fix all I want to do is watch adventure time Ok hmmmm Ive been trying to open this app for like ten weeks I heard it was good but no trash just garbage and the one time it worked it was so full of ads and garbage and shows people dont like. Also why would you not put any good shows on it any ways and put the classic shows like knd and ed Ed and Eddie I think if I cant open it why bother to download it for the fifthdeth time why make it good and fix it

I think something went wrong

I was about to log in with my tv thing and then all the classic Ben 10 and Ben 10 omniverse episodes disappeared and when I went back to look adventure time was in the Ben 10 classic for some reason. It would be nice even if you guys at Cartoon Network would play the classic Ben 10 and omniverse and I am happy about the original teen titans being brought back.

I hate this app

This is so irritating every time I try to watch my favorite shows the app crashes. And every time I try to log in the app deletes by itself and then I deleted the app and try to download again It wont download and I know it not my phone WORST APP EVER ??????

Its good

Needs more episodes of good shows.

Cant start

I try do start this game on my tablet and a a result it wont start!


It wont let me enter the app.

Wont work on iPads

My boys were loving this app until it crashes when you click on it. We uninstalled it and reloaded, no joy. My older iPad broke so we replaced it, even with a new iPad it still crashes. Please fix!!nn


I think Cartoon Network will read this... Cartoon Network please bring back the old teen titans! I miss it! The new teen titans go is bad for small children and other ages! So please bring back the old one! Plus I have been having problems with seeing the actual show. Its only playing noise.

It was fine but...

So I havent watched Cartoon Network for a while and I went back on to it it did the normal loading screen it does but the it logged me out of it I tried over and over and the same thing keeps h Appending CHANGE THIS CARTOON NETWORK!!

There is something wrong with this app

I cant get past the Intro of this app it glitches out and it goes to my home screen. Ive tried everything to get throw but it doesnt work. I dont know whats wrong with it it might just be a glitchy app.

This review is useless

Im just here to judge Teen titans go. KILL IT

Really enjoy!

This app is awesome! I use it a lot but I have a few suggestions. 1. The app sometimes crashes in the middle of an episode (Im not entirely sure its the app and not just my phone which is pretty old) 2. There needs to be all episodes of all seasons on demand! Its annoying to not be able to watch and catch up on your shows. Other than these things, this app is really awesome!

Cartoon Network

Great app but all of a sudden I cant watch the videos anymore.I tried uninstalling the app and reinstalling but nothing,then I tried turning my wifi off and on again but nothing. So I just wanted to know what too do next.


This is the only place u can watch decent shows, since they only play garbage on the network, but it has too many problems

I love watching three episodes of all my shows and then deleting the app and getting new episodes

You only get like 3 episodes

This is a great app

But has recently been crashing at the opening screen. Plz ASAP

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